Sciatica or Not Sciatica…That is the question

It is a lot more confusing than most people and apparently many doctors realize. I see the term tossed around loosely by professionals and patients alike, so I thought I would share some basic info on the topic.

The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the human body and is formed by the union of 5 nerve roots from the low back. It passes deep in the buttock and down the back of the thigh all the way to the heel and sole of the foot. Sciatica seldom is felt on both legs. People misdiagnose sciatica all the time. Specific tests have to be performed to confirm if it is truly sciatica or pseudo-sciatica.

Most commonly we help people with sciatica as a result of disc conditions that put pressure on the nerve(s), foraminal stenosis which is a narrowing of the opening where the nerve exits from the spine or segmental instability of the vertebrae of the low back.

Rarely tumors, cysts, infection, abscesses compress the sciatic nerve. In severe disc conditions, the chemical inflammation from the leaking discs may cause sciatica.

We help people with chiropractic adjustments, therapies such as LASER Therapy, soft tissue entrapment release, ergonomic rec-ommendations for home and work, and many times helping people to lose weight and improve nutrition factors for fastest relief possible. Disc Decompression Therapy is sometimes used also to help sciatica caused from many of the disc conditions (ask if yours qualifies). Overcoming genetic predispositions and previous injuries is also factors that we help patients with to minimize the return of their sciatica helping them live a normal life and minimize the chances of surgery.

Losing the belly fast with our unique & proven effective get healthy weight loss by fixing the 2 causes of stubborn fat, allows you to unload that disc and joint where the nerve is being affected. Losing 20 pounds of belly along with some minor postural chang-es you can take 418lbs of pressure off your low back. That’s right look better and feel better!

Whether your nerve root is being affected at the L4, L5, S1,2 or 3 levels, you can have pain, weakness, spasm, skin sensations being affected anywhere along those pathways. Radiating symptoms are a higher level of concern and should be evaluated properly to determine if you really do have sciatica or some other pseudo-sciatica. Don’t wait. The most dangerous 5 words many times when it comes to our health are “Maybe it will go away”. Get the facts, get checked, rule out other causes and get it fixed.

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