Neuropathy Relief – Finally

If you are experiencing pain, burning, numbness, tingling, or pins and needles in your hands and feet, as a result of peripheral neuropathy, this is for you.

With our neuropathy breakthrough, it is finally possible to relieve your neuropathy symptoms, and get you back to living your life. Neuropathy can be so bad that many patients can’t sleep at night because they are so uncomfortable. During the day, they can hardly walk, and every step sends shooting pain up their legs.

Sensory neuropathy in the hands and feet is the most commonly experienced type of neuropathy. There are tiny nerves that serve the skin, and can become disconnected, failing to transmit sensations to the brain. These nerves break down, and are unable to communicate. This results in numbness in the hands and feet, but can cause a variety of other pain and symptoms in those areas too.

When patients develop these symptoms, many of them start losing their balance, and even falling – causing other health concerns and pain.

This new technology in the office is non-surgical and painless. It has been delivering amazing results in reducing chronic pain associated with neuropathy. With this technology, we have the ability to quickly increase circulation to the target area, which can reduce symptoms in just a few treatments. This breakthrough is already being used in offices around the country, and I am bringing it to you.

The main goal of the treatment is to increase circulation and speed up the healing process in the extremities. We do these with a few different treatment techniques in the office, that all work together to deliver fast results. They are completely safe, non-invasive, and involve no drugs or injections of any kind.

If you have been suffering with the debilitating symptoms of neuropathy, and are sick of reaching dead ends when it comes to options…ask us if this could be right for you.

It has been such a relief for many patients in our office already, I hope it can be for you as well.

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