Doctor’s Weight Loss

We have helped thousands of people get healthy and lose weight over many years by providing them real solutions to the underlying causes of their stubborn weight loss.  If you don’t treat the cause you will have to be on a diet for the rest of your life. Who wants to do that? No one.  This is why we have been perfecting simple to implement strategies to get people to go from being great at “fat storing” to being a “fat burning machine”.

Our goal is to treat the two causes that make it easy for you to be overweight: broken behaviors and broken metabolism. Most patients have both of these challenges, and we can help you fix them the healthy, fast, and simple way so that you get results, forever.

Most people beat up on themselves about their behaviors. They think that they don’t have the willpower, or discipline to stick with a diet…the truth is that most people don’t. You cannot lose weight, and keep it off forever, by depriving yourself of things. We need to create lasting, lifestyle changes that just become automatic, so that you aren’t saying “No” to food all the time. Saying “No” doesn’t work.

The other aspect is your metabolism. I’m sure you know someone that eats way worse than you do, and they’re skinny. Why is that? Your body is reacting differently to the same foods and drinks. This makes it much more difficult for you to lose weight. Let us help you heal your metabolism, which makes you react normally to anything that you eat and drink, thereby making it easy for you to be at your target weight.

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