Decompression Therapy

Good For: Bulging/Herniated Discs, Degenerative Disc Disease, Failed Back Surgery, Chronic Back/Neck Pain.

Decompression therapy can be incredibly effective for patients that have chronic neck or back pain. A gentle pulling mechanism reduces pressure between the vertebrae, allowing discs to heal more quickly.

How Does It Work?

Long-axis, logarithmic decompression without creating a proprioceptor response is the key to effective spinal decompression for your neck or back. If your muscles tense up during decompression, the treatment is not nearly as effective. By utilizing computerized pulling and relaxation intervals, we achieve no muscle tension during decompression, giving you faster results. 

Within a few treatments, most patients feel relief from their chronic pain. Even some of the worst cases we see experience incredible results with decompression therapy.


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