The Chiropractic Adjustment

Manual Adjustment

Our goal is to get you results as quickly as possible. After an examination to determine what area is causing the problem, the doctor will administer an adjustment to realign your body. This realignment allows the body’s natural healing functions to go to work. Your body has an innate intelligence that is always striving to be 100% healthy. This health, however, can be hindered by outside forces, such as bones and joints being out of place. 

Some patients will experience a chiropractic miracle: they come in, barely able to walk, and leave the office feeling perfect. This is not the case for everyone though. Most patients do get fast results, but be patient with your body. Most problems didn’t come on overnight, even though the symptoms may have.

Tool-Assisted Adjustment

Some patients are nervous about the “popping and cracking” that is known to occur during adjustments. While this is very minor, and is not painful, we do have alternative options for patients. By using a tool to realign the spine, we avoid the popping and cracking of a traditional adjustment, while getting all of the benefits. 

At Spring Hill Chiropractic and Wellness, we use the Arthrostim. This is a tool that allows the doctor to treat patients that may be in a lot of pain, or prefer a no cracking/no popping method. High speed, 12-14 thrusts per second gently move the bones back into position to allow the joints and discs to function better. It is also used as a therapy by stimulating the mechanoreceptors and proprioceptors which is immediately relaxing for the patient. 


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